Since 2010, we’ve been creating delightfully original and bespoke mascots.


Well-coordinated teamwork and lovely customers speaks About us


Hi there! I'm Amelia from Sahara Costumes and Rinzler Shop

I found my passion for making costumes and accessories a few years ago, when my nephew had a kindergarten theme party for which he had to be dressed up as a hedgehog.
I was in university back then. I decided to go to the drama department and try something new for myself. There I first discovered the magic of the stage.

For years, I built, sewed and designed for theater, dance productions and sports events, and most of the time it was fun and exciting.
One day, a friend asked me to help her with a costume she was making for her young son. Something about creating that penguin costume felt surprisingly magical.
That feeling strongly resonated with me.

That was the start of the first project that was all mine.
I walked into the studio and came out with the patterns for the first four costumes.
I then decided to sell the same design here on Etsy and it was an immediate hit.
In time, I refined my vision and became more focused.

The business grew - as did I.